Sunday, April 23, 2017

work of richa777 (tumblr)

Busy of late, so neglecting my blog and blogger bad...but still surfing the net is search of the finest erotic images. @richa777 is definitely one of those with some really fine images I would like to share:

I do have a tumbler site now @678Luke (“sucking” – so to speak - too much of my free time) as do some of my blogger buddies (Mark Greene at @themoistspot and Gabriel @thebarefootguy ....both very worth checking out if you have not done so already.


  1. nice pics!

    I'm following all of your tumbl sites with my

  2. Thanks for the comment Xersex...and also for reminding me of your tumblr's hot and I like it a lot. ....and I am now following you!

  3. Hi Luke I just found out and I will look at it. Thanks

    1. Luke, I opened it, maybe I am too old, but all I saw was the picture of the same African American guy and NOTHING ELSE. Am I missing a central point ?
      Incidentally the photos published here are beautiful. Nice uncut dicks, nice pubes. Very manly.....
      Ciao, Tony