Sunday, April 9, 2017

color splash....for spring

a splash of color - for spring - seems appropriate...

...been getting behind on responding to the much appreciated comments...
....will try to do better this week!


  1. And like in that forth picture, who doesn't love a bouquet of cockles?

  2. The beauty of man's cock can be ecstatic either in black/white or in color. Great work. Numbers 3 to 6 are my favorites. I like also the one of the guy sticking his finger up in his friend's ass. Very beautiful.

  3. The last guy is so sensual looking with his pose and the lighting. That is a beautiful image (among all of the other hot images).

    It is easy to fall behind when researching nice behinds!

  4. Love your COLOR SPLASH!

    XO FFB

  5. love colours! it's spring and we nedd colours even more!