Sunday, February 19, 2017

homage to QH: bw (mostly)

mostly a BW post..... can I resist the color in this shot!

I received a beautiful note from QH about a week ago updating me on how he is doing. He said it would be fine to share, so I will:

As you must have figured, I am not blogging right now. Today is the first day I have been anywhere near a cell phone or a computer. 

My life is quite good and I am spending it at a very private place in the woods of Florida. There are 8of us.We spend our time naked. Part of the day I spent in silent meditation and the rest of the day is spent fucking.

I miss all of my blog buddies, but I have never been more at peace with myself. 
If you want to post anything from this email, you have my permission and my love.