Saturday, October 8, 2016

a black & white gallery

...a shout out to QH...always enjoy
the elegant sets of black & white
images he posts!

hope all you east coasters stayed out of matthew's path and are doing well...


  1. all fine and sexy pics! and what huge dick #5

  2. They all work on SO many levels.

  3. All are beautiful, but there is something about #1 that makes it my favorite. Cannot quite put my finger on it though. LOL!

  4. Beautiful set....the third is breathtaking with that pretty cock. Lately I find myself getting more into asses, so to speak.

  5. Nice set! I often want to touch up the contrast a little in Safari Preview on b&w photos (especially if they were originally taken as color photos)--but then, I often want to do that for color photos as well!

  6. There is something about B/W that just grabs one attention. Such a beautiful collection.

    The Male Casting Couch

  7. Luke. You have published another beautiful set of Nude Male Gallery. Note aside, I am still so upset about poor Gabriel...Today I decided to comment on your blog. You two guys' blogs are the only ones I still check out daily. Take care, and excellent work as always....

    1. Thanks for the note, Tony. Been thinking about emailing you since you're such an avid follower of Gabriel and know you must miss the great post he does, and particularly the comments he makes. I trust he is doing well, though I haven't heard from him. If I do hear, I will let you know. Take care, Luke

  8. Thanks for the comments, guys. Bit "behind" - shall we say - on my blogging activities... but hope to catch up!