Monday, June 27, 2016



Been away too long…and it seems harder than ever to focus on posting.

I have great appreciation for all those you had special posts on Orlando, may so well spoken thoughts were expressed that really hit the mark. Frankly, I wanted to follow-up with a post right away, but as it turned out, I needed time to gather thoughts…not even sure yet where I want to go with these thoughts.

Some are on a direct level of reacting to the pain of knowing that the simple act of having a night set aside for some fun turns into to a deadly horror, simply by being a target for who we may be. Of course, nothing is simple and there appear to be layers involved in Orlando.

Then too there is the political…and reactions from certain quarters that only reminded me that with so-called, self-identified “friends” like this, who needs enemies. I could go on...

Lot of challenges ahead. Here in California, Pride Day in SF apparently went well, with “heightened security”. However, at the same time, neo-Nazis in Sacramento staging a protest, attacked and injured counter-protestors.

Think I needed to say this before going back to the routine…just to keep the perspective.

I think others have said it better, but this is certainly a time when friends are important; I sure appreciate mine at home and on blog.

Restorative images...
...places I like to hang out to think, connect with nature, feel a calm.....


  1. I chose not to make a post about Orlando, because there were so many well done well expressed posts about it, that I could add not a word better said!

    Also in Europe we had a lot of Pride March (also in Milan and in many other places of Italy), but here in Europe the biggest subject of attention is the Brexit!

    love your peaceful and restorative images!!!

  2. My husband was living in Orlando when we met on the net.
    I moved there to be with him and lived a wonderful 2 years in Orlando -a city that is truly beautiful. I found the city and its people to be wonderful, engaging, kind and welcoming.

  3. Luke, your expression was heartfelt and beautiful. In this world there will always be good and evil, love and hate, joy and anger. It is hard to truly express the feelings I think we all have had regarding the tragedy, but we must always remember that good, love and joy will prevail in the long run. Because that is what we must continue to show. Otherwise, the evil wins.

    I mourn the loss of so many lovely men and women to this senseless crime. It is beyond tragic. I think that I could have easily been there. Or something like that could happen at another club. But we must not let it overtake us with hatred or fear. Live life and love life. It is precious and we must not take one day for granted. Share love and receive love.

    Hope I don't sound too "Polyanna" about this. Remember I type and don't edit my thoughts as I write. Sending you and all of your followers truly lots of love. We all must stay strong and encourage each other.

  4. Beautiful and soothing pictures, Luke. I can almost hear the wind in the grass in the bottom photograph.

    Your words are heartfelt and reasoned. You've a fine head on your shoulders, I think, and offer reassurance that there is kindness and thoughtfulness and decency in spite of the madness and mayhem.

  5. I'm still speechless. All I can say is I share your feelings and I'm so glad we have a community such as this were we can share with each other. Thank you for being such a caring soul.


  6. Thanks guys...really appreciated all the very thoughtful comments. Should be back to a more regular post tomorrow.