Monday, June 27, 2016



Been away too long…and it seems harder than ever to focus on posting.

I have great appreciation for all those you had special posts on Orlando, may so well spoken thoughts were expressed that really hit the mark. Frankly, I wanted to follow-up with a post right away, but as it turned out, I needed time to gather thoughts…not even sure yet where I want to go with these thoughts.

Some are on a direct level of reacting to the pain of knowing that the simple act of having a night set aside for some fun turns into to a deadly horror, simply by being a target for who we may be. Of course, nothing is simple and there appear to be layers involved in Orlando.

Then too there is the political…and reactions from certain quarters that only reminded me that with so-called, self-identified “friends” like this, who needs enemies. I could go on...

Lot of challenges ahead. Here in California, Pride Day in SF apparently went well, with “heightened security”. However, at the same time, neo-Nazis in Sacramento staging a protest, attacked and injured counter-protestors.

Think I needed to say this before going back to the routine…just to keep the perspective.

I think others have said it better, but this is certainly a time when friends are important; I sure appreciate mine at home and on blog.

Restorative images...
...places I like to hang out to think, connect with nature, feel a calm.....