Monday, May 2, 2016

russian river bottom

starting the week off with some of things i have been enjoying....
(hot gif above and several that follow are mostly from Your French Patrick...great site that i need to add to my favorites list!)

Russian River Bottom
great place to pull off the road and enjoy the flowing, burbling river and the green coolness of spring. sandy mud feels so cool, dries so clean....




  1. Love the first image of that nice lick against that ass cheek.

    And I want to know who is the Levi's wearing model with a 31 inch waist. I want to see more of that model for sure. LOL!

    Have a great week!

    1. That lick of kevin Warhol is SO hot,,to say nothing of that hot cheek he's spreading!
      I can probably arrange for you to see as much of that model as you want...and I bet it wouldn't take much to get those snug jeans dropping fast! LOL!

    2. Well put in a good word for me with that model. I definitely want to see those jeans on the floor! LOL!

    3. Good word put in to the model, who clearly noted that a good word is not the only thing he would like "put ln"! ...also suggested making an appointment for a massage with that hot masseur in Miami...nude, of course! LOL!

  2. An appetizing set of gifs and photographs, Luke.

    I like your photographs of the water under the tree, first rippled and framed by fresh, green leaves, and then calm and reflecting the tree.

    And of course, your cheeky play in the sand.

  3. Thank you, Tomass! It was a very gentle, warm day along the river...may try posting the video I took as well, including the sound!
    Glad you enjoyed the sand play....I always have liked playing in the sand, and I guess it shows!

  4. #9 #0 those gifs remind me how much rim job can be full of pleasure!!!