Monday, May 4, 2015

What's in the box? Open it and find out!

Bits of this and that to get the week started...and a shower at the end!

Thumbs Up!

Nice and easy....

ok! hit the showers!



  1. I bet a dick, or some dickS!!!!

    happy monGAY and happy new week!

  2. #3 laying there so peaceful and serine Not if I'm around 😜 And you're right about a shower just now
    Wish I had someone to share it with 😔 ♡ UB

  3. Wonderful set of photos to start the week.

  4. Hot at both ends! I especially like that Helix Studios pic, and several of the shower shots.

  5. The two guys kissing, was taken in my basement shower back home. I miss that place with the hand held shower rinsing my dick head and my ass. Hopefully I will be back at Xmas 2015