Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Adventure and More (or Butts & Holes)

 Warm up shot!
 The Site of this weeks adventure.
 The background wall.
The blogger at the wall.

Brief diversion of a very pleasurable kind!

One foot...

Two feet!
...and back to our program

El Greco Pose


Ah..some fingering action.....

..and more fingering....

....and even more fingering!

Hole time...


...even closer....

finale....cum at the end!


  1. Wow...such a scenic place...and the landscape looks nice too! LOL! Loving the tease of the ass...the fingering of the ass.. and the up close and personal shot of, well you know! And of course A+ on the feet pics. Nice! Hope you had as nice a weekend as I had visiting your blog tonight.

    1. Gabriel, glad you enjoyed! weekend was the California shore, plus nice doing the photo shoot...but could have really used your hands on assistance, you know, to really set up the shots just right...checking the angles, positioning the fingers, perhaps a taste of the goods! LOL!

    2. JEALOUS! :-) BBR!

    3. Thank you, Uncle Barry! Think this is a call to arms - or possibly raised cocks - for the Butt Bandits? LOL!

    4. I am always ready to lend a helping hand...or at least a couple of fingers!

  2. #1 what a great way to start a morning !
    #2 #3 Very nice place to do a photo shoot. very colorful and scenic . Nice shots.
    #4 Give up that booty Luke ! Stop playin' ! I've been patient with you. Don't make me have to pull them off you !
    #9 and 12 Is that You ?? Now THAT'S what I'm talking about ! 9 is nice VERY nice I LOVE 12 that's my man Luke !

    1. Mark – Many thanks for the comments....particularly appreciated coming from the photographer’s perspective.
      ...and I should complain should it be necessary for you to pull the pants down? sounds like win-win to me! LOL!
      ...and you are right on the mark regarding ownership of 9 and 12....but not to forgot one more (15)! Hmmm....may need a joint shoot some day since there is a clear mutual admiration of assets!
      BTW, hope you are doing well in all your pursuits. Looking forward to your next post

    2. Nice hole shot ! I am always looking for models to shoot on, I mean shoot for. We may have to chat a bit.

    3. We may have to chat, Mark, whether talking about my ass being shot (or shot on)! ...and I am sure you may have a sense how I would render your hot ass, photographically speaking, that is! LOL!

  3. Luke... what a great post! And the one of you fingering your hole.....!!! Da Dick O'Mine just popped to attention!

    1. The very least I can do to thank you for the pleasure my dick derives, QH, from your awesome posts!

  4. #1 this gif is so vivid and evocative
    #2 & #3 I imagine this place abloe to make horny
    #4 it could sound a bit strange and off topic, but I think that image contains all the characteristic colors of the coming autumn.
    #6 #7 a gift for Gabriel, I can imagine
    #12 your ass looks so hungry!
    #16 see #1

    Enjoy my last post!

    1. Yes, and I do love my gift! :-)

    2. So glad to hear it!

    3. Xersex, thanks again for the comments...much appreciated !
      1 - see below...totally agree!
      2-3 - the landscape I like to hike in does make me horny...part of what I wanted to do in the post was evoke the sexual stimulus I feel from this environment.
      4 - good comment! Autumn colors for sure! Part of what I like is to bring out the intensity of the more subdued colors I actually see by increasing contrast and color saturation in the image with Photoshop.
      6-7 - Yes!
      12 - very accurate hungry hole!
      16 - YES! Totally agree!

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  6. I can't believe someone is using Tony's id
    Stop it ! It hurts people!

    1. Thank you Uncle are so right and you thoughtful comment means a lot to me.

    2. it's so stupid using other's id!
      can't he create his own profile? does he love ghosts?
      I'll delete his comments as you did here!

    3. Xersex...thank you, too, for your comment...much appreciated.

      BTW, also greatly appreciated your thoughts on this post and will write comments later!

    4. By the way no one has commented on the first gif will you send him over to my house; I could use a good blow job

    5. Would be glad to Uncle Barry, after he gets me off! LOL! I like it a lot. Got it from some one I was chatting with on GayMaleLove, a pretty cool site! Need to thank him!
      The other gif I'm liking a lot is #5 - love the way the hand is grabbing onto that luscious ass to open it up and show a very tasty looking hole! Can practically feel my fingers caressing that hole!

    6. I commented this way #1 this gif is so vivid and evocative

    7. Totally agree, as noted above to Uncle Barry!