Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hot Tuesday

Starting the work week off with some of the usual hot stuff found in my web surfing activities, but also with a some shots I did on my weekend photo shoot.
Warm up for task at "hand"...

 Getting up....

The blogger, on the way to the photo shoot.
 The location...abandoned tank farm.
 The set...quiet spot between tanks.
 Taking the position.
  A butt to inspire.
  A butt observed and documented at the location!
 More inspiration...as if needed!
Follow through on the theme.

 Down to the real action.
 A brief rest...
 ....and back to the action!
Have a great week!


  1. I just love me some Luke booty ! great post . nice to see you showing that backside.

    The Male Casting Couch

    1. Thanks! More later, Mark, but your work photographically is an inspiration for me!

  2. Luke, loving the way you built to a climax in your post! You are such a tease! I didn't know you had it in you. I thought I was the only tease around here. Love it!

    Speaking of loving it, may I say you need to go bare ass more often! Looking good my friend!

    Go to my blog for a fan post for you by an anonymous person. It was under the "Tuesday Hot Flash" post I believe.

    1. Gabriel, thanks for the comments! You bet, I am a tease! Possibly why I enjoy your blogs so much...I tease, you tease back! Speaking of which, when I next offer my hole, you now have a pretty good idea what you will - literally - be getting into! LOL! Assume the dick dick had no problem following the clues left by this tease-prone "blogger"! Enjoyed preparing the bare ass pairings offered in b/w and color!

      I did see the comment I got on your blog from Anon! LOL! Glad I got such a great sausage!

      Speaking of which, my bare ass was something Tony kept requesting...sorry he missed it.

      Dick salute to great teasers!

    2. Dick salute back at you! :-)

    3. Where are the Sausage pics? I'd like to know when we are crossing Swords as Butt Bandits ;-)

    4. Luke, Uncle Barry brings up an interesting point. Will you be going on another photo shoot this weekend? If so, may we put in our requests? LOL!

    5. Will be going on a photo shoot this weekend, so put in those requests! BTW, a foot shot is already on the itinerary...to be submitted to you for your blog!

    6. Looking forward to seeing that and anything else you captured on your camera this weekend! Of course my requests include naughty bits! LOL!

    7. Shoot happened...look for feet and more Monday!

    8. It's like Christmas Eve! Can't wait until tomorrow! :-)

  3. I too love Luke's Cool (or should I say HOT??) Ass!

    XO FFB

  4. Thanks, FFB! "Cool" ass is "hot" after all. Enjoyed the process...wonder what will next? LOL!

  5. #7 best ass with an angel!!! but also the warm up (#1) is so sexy!

    thanks for your kind comment here:


  6. Thanks for the comment Xersex! I really like #1 a lot and 7 was clearly inspiration for me!

  7. Is that you, Fuzzy, in the fifth-from-last picture? Nice ass!

  8. Bingo! Thanks, Keith...never know what you might find on a hike!