Friday, June 13, 2014


Some tasty treats to get prepped for the weekend. Been busy at work (mostly good stuff....just a lot of it) so blogging time has been shortened....but in conjunction with job travel, I got out to the desert....brought back some hot photos to share soon (unfortunately not the hot dude I was hoping to find....rather nature at 120 degrees f.)  First shot is not desert scene, but symbolizes the way I felt walking out on the desert floor, being embraced by nature (and furnace like heat!).


  1. Luke, I am so sorry that I didn't make it out to the desert. I didn't know. Well, I guess you are referring to me since you said "the hot dude you were hoping to find". LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing the photos! Get some rest this weekend!

    1. Gabriel, you would have made that burning desert even hotter if you'd only gotten your sweet ass out there! Where were you buddy! LOL! I'll just have to post my images Monday without benefit of your naked hotness!

      Thanks for the weekend wishes! Have a great weekend , too!

  2. Hi Luke. My friend left my house a couple of hours ago. WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!
    Hopefully I will be able to send Gabriel a few of the pictures we took of each other.
    Have a great Dad Day tomorrow

  3. Hey, Tony! Glad you had a great time with your friend! Let me know if Gabriel's posts those shots so I don't miss them!

  4. He(my friend) said he would send them today, but mine will probably take 7-10 days to develop. I will certainly let you know. Thanks