Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hump Day Already!

Hump day specials. Busy at work, which cuts into my blogging time, but as long as its good busy – which it is – I shouldn’t complain.

Like the setting a lot...I have some photos from a similar place...will try to post soon. 

Borrowed the image above from Naked Men Allowed – thanks Gabriel! Think Gabriel’s ok with that as if you look closely you will see me close behind Jack Harrer and Gabriel close behind me.



  1. I believe that might be me in that last shot you posted, LOL! Hope you are having a productive week. And you know you are welcome to have anything of mine...of course, I am referring to my blog postings...well, maybe other things too! LOL!

    1. Gabriel, if that is you in the last shot, I sure hope the other guy is me! LOL! And I sure like your sharing philosophy!

  2. It's better to give than to receive (in most cases!) LOL!

  3. Sound win-win for sure....anyone receiving from you is a winner! BTW, the top in the last pic has one of the cutest assholes ever...I'm enjoying that gif a lot!