Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Arty Shots

Hope you all had a great weekend! Some arty shots I've been enjoying to get the week rolling.


  1. Dear Luke:
    These pictures are really artsy. Very nice and beautifully depicting man's treasure: his cock. I hope you too a good Memorial Day. Tomorrow I go back to work, and looking forward to the next weekend. I was at home, but I spent part of the weekend with a friend and coworker. We had a great time. Both of us signed for the holiday workday(double pay)but he was selected. No problem.
    Are you planning to have a follower's link like Gabriel ? Please let me know and I would try to be amongst the firsts to sign.
    Have a wonderful cool ass week(no pun intended)

    1. Tony...thanks for the comment! Haven't taken the time to set up followers...still haven't added some of the blogs I regularly follow yet, either (QueerHeaven and PosesReborn to name a couple)! Soon? Hope your week went well and have a great weekend!

  2. Luke, you are making me into an art lover with images like these. I should be a patron of the arts! LOL! I really do seeing beautiful images like these. So when will you post some of your own photographic work?

  3. Gabriel, you are already doing quite well in the art department in your excellent selections of images for your posts...keep up your good work (pun intended)!
    BTW, I have been posting my photos the past several weeks...the ones with no hot guys : ( I need to get you to pose!