Monday, April 14, 2014

sex and nature

Another edition of what turns me on in nature and the sexual thoughts that parallel what I am seeing. Shots are along the San Francisco Bay and include my main photographic interests: abandoned buildings, rugged shorelines. Abandoned buildings are especially hot because of the sexual activities I see happening within.

1.      Abandoned Building

 the attraction of an abandoned building...
 cool setting for more than just viewing....
 getting the action going
 painted body
2.      Piss

 nothing like a piss out in the field...
good place for a piss
3.      Shore

 day by the shore
 the shore I was enjoying
 what would have added to the attraction
 hot even with pants on

4.      Wall

 up against the wall
 the wall I saw...with a cat ("kat") painted on it
5.      Finish

good finish to a great hike



  1. I had dirty thoughts about being naked at the beach, naked against the wall, naked in an abandoned building. Basically I had a lot of naked thoughts! Great images!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Gabriel! Inquiring minds could ask for the most certainly arousing details of those dirty thoughts (but probably already have a pretty good idea)! LOL! Hope to have similar posts like this in the future.