Monday, February 17, 2014

Some Monday Morning Butt

Been a while since the last post....busy at work, which is supposed to be good. But on to more important things....some choice butt for Monday. Enjoy!

Way to relax after a good run....

...even better way!

Nice way for jeans to ride low!

Hot action in abandoned it!

...and now I think I am ready for this!


  1. Luke:
    Great pics all of them, from the first to the last. Hope you are having a great President Day. The last picture looks WET, and I suppose that is great. Please check out our Gabriel's blogs in the next few days....

  2. Thanks for the comment, tony! Will keep an eye out on our Ganriels blogs...always something!

  3. #7 looks sexy but a little intense too! And you know I love it that way!!