Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quick Post

Fuzzy butt.


Hot ass.



  1. Dear Friend Luke:
    I love all of them: Fuzzy butt, dick to dick, hot ass and relaxing. Is it one owner or a different one for each ? Nice work. Thanks for your reply to my photos. I do not trust anyone photgraphing me nude, really, so I do it myself. I particularly like the one with a drop of precum hanging from my glans, and the one after I ejaculated all over my belly.

  2. Tony, different owners, my friend. Perhaps I should give credit to my source, OlePlusMen.blogspot, which has quite a few excellent images.

    Hoping to get an invite to your next photo shoot, but understand...LOL!

    1. You certainly are invited. Fly to Washington Reagan National or to Baltimore International. I will come and get you. AT ONE CONDITION: YOU MUST WEAR A DIAPER so that you drop your pants and the diaper and you can take my pictures. That way I'll know it is you. LOL!!!

  3. What an offer! I better book the flight! LOL!